Men! Style your outfits

Work some cool layering into your daily casual outfits to stay stylishly warm this fall. Notice the interesting mix of fabrics and color. Add some interesting accessories to pull your look such as colored shoes instead of the traditional brown or black.
Vintage Salvatore ferragamo shoes, purple Topman jeans. Brown driving gloves, gray sweater with brown suede shoulder pads. Over-sized blue knit scarf from Zara
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How to create your fashion style mood board

Before meeting a new client, I always ask them to create a mood board of pictures that appeal to them. This includes generic places they'd like to visit, objects they'd like to have in their home, scents they love wearing; Looks they'd like to pull; Outfits they'd never be caught dead in and Looks they aspire to achieve only if "they were taller, slimmer, more confident, etc..." Here's some examples of their boards and how you can do the same to inspire you to discover your personal style and work on achieving it. Let the fun begin and determine if your unique style is classical, elegant, dramatic (edgy), feminine, alluring, natural (effortless, sporty) or creative (boho chic). Remember you can experiment with and always refine your style - just get some insight on how to do it and set your muse!

This client did a mix of styles but the most dominant was the creative and boho, where she picked many folklore and hippie inspired pieces, lots of prints, a mix of fabric and material from denim to leather, silk, fur and bling. You can notice the warm colors too, all of which show that she loves a unique expression of personality and is not following the crowd. After explaining what I saw and showing her ways to achieve that look with current trends and mix n match techniques, she looked at her board again and said that she is always caught in dull outfits and never thought she could dress that way although she always collects folklore items when traveling and this is really what represents her!

Here you can see a lot of movement in sports and yoga and outfits inspired from nature ( floral pints) - with colors that are mainly earthy tones. The words "leap, live, love, raw emotions" reflect her character and aspirations too. I can see that she is a person who is always in motion, open to life and new adventures and in touch with nature. I determined that she would fall in the "natural" and "feminine" style. Her outfits need to be relaxed and extremely practical and allow free movement while her style has to be feminine as not to turn into a tomboy figure.

Last, here we have a clear selection of clean, geometric lines. Very crisp and structured cuts. Bold and bright solid colors that make a statement. Stripes in full contrast. Large statement belts, handbags and arm cuffs and unique heels and shoe details. To me, she is obviously a dramatic style personality who wants to claim center stage. She will definitely sacrifice comfort for fashion.  You can achieve that look by investing in minimal style designs in neutral or monochrome  and team them with statement accessories in bold colors and size. To keep the look current, you can add pop colors from the latest trends. One statement piece of clothing is enough as your look has to be elegant and focused.

What style do you think you fall into?


Am loving sequins and I found that these pants from Zara are the prefect melange of party casual as they are a statement piece that you can easily dress up or down. No need to say that am in love with these bejeweled spiked heels from Zara too! You have probably seen them in my "for the love of studs and spikes" post and I couldn't resist going back the next day to buy them!

Tube top by BCBG Maxazria, pants and heels by Zara, Bag by Chanel, Accessories mix of BCBG, River Island and Express.

What do you think of this look? Is there any way you would have styled it differently? Send me your feedback!

Behind the scenes Koba Kochae fashion show

A sneak peak backstage into the looks created for the koba kochae fashion show at the Dubai ladies club on Thursday. Inspired by the 1940's and 1950's, the dresses were mainly classic with a feminine & elegant appeal.

Natural fabrics including various types of silk, chiffon, brocade, organza, satin and velvet were used with an array of embroidered techniques to reflect the glamor of the era. As you can see, the colors were rather discreet & mostly pastel. An elegant subtle look I would say that would appeal to feminine & classical style personalities, perfect for a dressy evening.

What intrigued me about the brand was the  fact that it offers a quality and affordable made-to-order service through its “Bespoke Studio”, meaning you could design and produce your favorite dress or outfit with the help of a designer & professional tailor. I will be visiting soon with clients to try it out!

Moreover, it is promising a complete styling consultation service through its “Styling Studio” in the near future too. Will keep you posted on that!





for the love of Studs & Spikes!

Studs, spikes and heavy metal have been around for some time but they are suddenly everywhere from runway to high street. You can't go anywhere without seeing someone wearing this trend in full swing or incorporating touches of studs and/or spikes into their look with shoes, handbags, jewelry or accessories.

I personally love this rebellious trend but won't take it all the way to punk or goth style. For me, adding one focal point element of rock chic in my outfit is enough as it is a huge statement in itself.

Below are some spike studded pieces that I shot in Zara while shopping for a client  yesterday (I wasn't shopping for this trend by the way but couldn't help the heavy metal overdose).

Studs on leather jackets are very in for fall and they are the ultimate biker chic item. For a unique "sweet girl gone bad" look, combine with flirty dresses, frills and clashing material like chiffon or any light weight fabric. For a fierce Rocker Gothic style, combine with sleek dark pants in leather, velvet or even denim and a very well fitted and tailored top. Do not go overboard by accessioning  very heavily elsewhere.

Spikes on denim are extremely fun! If you already have denim jackets, vests or shirts in your closet, try adding the spikes and studs yourself on the shoulders, collar, sleeves, pocket or back. For some DIY tips check out Iman's blog. Team with print dresses, skirts, shorts and pants in different materials to create your unique style!

Just recently have we seen studs make their way to cardigans and sweaters. I think it's a cool look if you are tempted to try the trend in a more subtle way.

Love the heels! Studs, spikes and stones make a statement here with this classical pointed feminine shoe. The look does not always have to be gangster style. I would wear these with super fitted skinny ankle pants or a pencil skirt.

Making their way to pointed toe booties, this is another unusual combination of spikes with red suede material.

And of course, the biker boots! I am tempted to get one in black soon as the flat heels are very practical to wear everyday and look amazing teamed with dresses, shorts and quirky jackets.

Last, this is one item I did buy for my client from BCBG. The spikes around this leather clutch are such a fierce statement (and weapon), and it was the perfect accessory to compliment the little black dress with silver beading on the sides that we bought earlier. I will share the full look soon after I do her styling at home!

No matter what your personal style is, you can spice up your look by with the trend, just let your imagination run wild, have fun playing and share your looks here!




In love with Istanbul! Style inspiration

I fell in love with Istanbul- the culture, people, food and music! Here's some place to fashion inspiration from the streets.

Sneak shot of a backyard on the streets of Bebek, Istanbul. Loved the composition and colors!

Green and white worn by celebrities: An example of how I see fashion interpreted from object to design.

Couldn't help but swoon over this little candy shop! The colors and shapes are enough to get you in for a sugar fix!

The child in you: My polyvore candy mania color blocking inspired style

I love graffiti, to me it's the purest expression of art. The mix with the natural greenery, pots and stones here made it for a great shot. Another hidden alley in Istiklal area.

Graffiti: translated into fashion too. Love the mix and match of material here.

What are your style inspirations?

what denim are you?

Denim has been popular since the day it was invented and is still one of the top wardrobe staples. Historically deemed as casual wear, it has risen throughout the years to smart casual and even dressy. All you need to do is find the right fit for you and take it from day to night by wearing with the right shoes and bag for the occasion, mix and match by layering from simple sweaters and tees to fancy blouses and blazers and finally style with the right accessories. Here's some stylish denim style mixes snapped at Bloomingdale's Dubai event & a few tips on how to land your perfect pair at the end of the post. Enjoy!

Karli Vickers is all romantic meets edgy denim style with a feminine silk blouse, candy pink slim jeans and studded loafers all from Zara. Her Alexander wang bag adds just the right bold element. Love her high girly bun too!

18 year old Blogger Fia dyer reflected her fresh trendy denim style by teaming 2 layers of shirts, primark denim over vintage print with a cute topshop black short. She nicely pulled the look together with white doc martins shoes. I love her playful mix of print, fabric & color. Notice how her hot pink heart shaped earrings and bracelets tie in with her socks. Even her ponytail done on the side was playful, showing us "how to stylishly dress for your age" -  It's all in the details ladies! Check out her blog for some more inspiration on her style

Blogger Iman Omrani was there too & I love her unique style at all times. Going for a romantic denim style, she wore her dyed jeans with a lovely white ribbon knitted sweater from Romwe & cute blue ballerinas with ribbons too from zara! Her splash necklace with oval shaped stones and her very feminine wavy blonde hair finish off that feminine look.  Check out her blog for some amazing DIY fashion.

Love how Zhineh wore her amazing back studded knitted sweater bought from London spitafield market, bringing the edgy look together by matching with the shape of her hair tie on that super cool messy bun. Repeating small details such as shape, color, texture or print is what makes a unique style. Truth is sometimes we don't even notice we're doing  it! Am sure many of you don't plan all these details in an outfit, but again, this is how unique style is created.

Now here's Omar, one stylishly confident kid!  You can't miss his cool nonchalant character that shows even at his age! He's wearing nothing less than a ralph lauren shirt, true religion jeans & making one amazing statement with his roberto cavalli shoes :)

That's Seif, Omar's adorable & equally fashionable brother! I had to run after him for 5 minutes & couldn't get this shot until I found his dad who volunteered to catch him for less than 60 seconds. His sutograph jacket, picollo shirt, true religion jeans & "very fast" Cityshoe are just the cutest combination I've ever seen!

Last, you have to meet the dad who makes sure that style runs in the family!

He's wearing his Tommy Hilfiger blazer over a Ralph Lauren shirt, with straight legged Rock n republic jeans. Love how the handmade shoes from London in white Linen and tan leather piping pull the whole look together.

Now, when it comes to jeans, ironically the question I’ve been asked the most is “ what denim am I ? ie how do I find the right style for my body shape?” Here’s a few tips on what to look for!

To add curves go for skinny jeans. The tapered hemline at the calves gives the illusion of a wider hip and curvier bottom. Bright, shiny and light colors are great for visually adding volume too.

To conceal & balance wider hips, opt for boot cut jeans with a flare at the bottom and make sure that they’re long enough to cover your heels. Avoid boyfriend jeans, low waisted styles & skinny. Only way to wear skinny jeans is to pair with a longer top.

To look slimmer and taller, go for a darker wash. Look for vertical seams to visually add height. Go for straight leg styles to look taller and avoid flared or wide jeans. Stay away from cropped or cuffed jeans as not to visually cut your legs. Wearing high heels is always good to add height too.

So, what denim are you?

Men's Fall Accessories!

Kamal sharing with us his own accessories. Have fun adding that extra personal touch to your outfits Louis Vuitton sunglasses - Evidence and vintage gold spike ear cuffs

Diesel limited edition watch

M zero shoes in dark blue plastic

Men! Style your Outfit | cowboy inspiration

Meet Kamal, our street style fashion correspondent from Athens, Georgia USA. Expect a weekly dosage of "edgy, eccentric and quirky" from Kamal's own styling too!

The outfit. A modern take on the ranch. Riding in style doesn't have to be overboard. Choose one "cowboy" element as in the shirt, belt, hat or boots. Keep the rest individual and make your statement with one focal point, being your shirt here.