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Rituals of Happiness

Balance, inner harmony, healing and positivity: Keywords reflecting a philosophy that many are currently seeking in this rat race world we live in where consumerism is the main drive behind a seemingly unconscious existence. Where “success” is measured by the number of followers and likers we have on social media and the “good life” is merely an accumulation of more, bigger and better as compared to others.

These keywords happen to be some of the main ingredients in the Rituals brand product line as well, a brand that I had the pleasure of experiencing recently after meeting with and interviewing the man behind this concept, Raymond Cloosterman.


What really intrigued me was this very philosophy and the story telling aspect behind each collection, which is not merely a marketing tool but a true experience that you can only savor once you give it a try yourself.

As he explained, the idea to ‘Transform everyday routines into more meaningful moments’ lies at the heart of the RITUALS philosophy and forms the basis for each of its products.

stop, breathe, connect...

I loved the fact that the products are not made in the lab with a functional theme in mind ranging from dry to acne prone skin, but rather a wellness theme that you can connect to and choose from according to your emotional scale at the time. Giving that extra soul connection ingredient to everyday necessities just feels right as we all deserve to stop and enjoy the moment, the now, even when performing a simple task such as showering everyday.

Finding happiness in the smallest of things and transforming everyday routines into more meaningful moments lies at the heart of the brand philosophy.


So next time you need an uplift, savor the collection of the laughing Buddha. Been in Dubai for long? Focus on nourishing your Yin energy with The Ritual of Dao collection that helps you find inner peace and tranquility in your busy life. These are a few of the collections I got to sample and I can tell you one thing, they are pure luxury indulgence packed in a bottle – an affordable one I may add.

The first Rituals store in the Middle East is now open in MOE after the huge success the brand had across Europe for the past 10 years so now you can walk into the store yourself for a personal experience that will start a hand massage before contemplating which mood enhancer you would like to go for today. Please feel free to share your experience with me and remember we all need to stop, breathe and connect.



The complete guide to SK advanced set of brushes by Samer Khouzami

SK brushes


I've been meaning to write this post for a long time now, as I was struggling to figure out which brush does what when I first received the advanced set of SK brushes by Samer Khouzami. It does get overwhelming with 24 of them elegantly staring back at you in different shapes and sizes - and you definitely would want to know that you are using the right one for each application! So here you go - the complete guide of who's who in the world of SK brushes, reviewed by number and approved by the artist himself - Samer Khouzami :) 

But first I would like to say that I absolutely love the elegant design and most importantly the perfect flawless finish they deliver - something we all look for in quality brushes but rarely experience so well!


No. 11 - For concealer application and blending under eyes

No. 14 & 15 - For blending eye shadow

No. 29 - For applying eye shadow

No. 17 - For eye shadow dabbing or concealer

No. 21 - For inner lid eye shadow and under eyes eye shadow blending

No. 19 - For blending gel eyeliner smoke out

No. 24 - For eyeliner application

No. 20 - Angled eyeliner brush, can be used for eyebrow too

No. 18 - Concealer brush can be used for highlighter too

No. 39 - For cleaning under eyes eye shadow + highlighter



No. 37 - For blending cream contour brush

No. 33 & 34 - Buffing brushes to apply foundation and blend it

No. 12-  For creamy blusher blending

No. 13- For powder blush application and blending

No. 10 - For contour blending

No. 31 & 32- For pressed powder or loose powder

No. 38 - Classic foundation brush to apply base and primer

No. 35 & 36 - Foundation brush

No. 14 - To apply contour on nose

No. 22 - Lip brush

Happy blending everyone, please do share with me your experience with the brushes if you tried them yourself!


A canvas of white and blue

Cropped top #romwe Denim ripped shorts  #Thailandstreetmarket Soles #Birkenstock Beach bag #newlook

Cropped top #romwe Denim ripped shorts  #Thailandstreetmarket Soles #Birkenstock Beach bag #newlook

Salt in the air, sand in my hair... planning an outfit is not on the agenda here. There's nothing more beautiful than the freedom to just be. The endless blue and white making up this land of the sun Gods is an inspiration for many. Island dressing is all about less is more and that doesn't only go for the shorts and cropped tops, it applies to colours as well which are always a reflection of your state of mind and your surroundings. Nothing makes me calmer than being at sea. 

outfit inspiration anyone?


One of the joys of being in this island is the random shopping finds you land when you're least looking. Love this rope anchor which I styled into a bracelet. I always make sure to add an element to my arm candy from each new place I visit ( Ofcourse I ended up buying a lot more accessories by the end of this post). #wristcandy  


playsuit #Asos Belt #mango Soles #forever21 Bag #marcbymarcjacobs

playsuit #Asos Belt #mango Soles #forever21 Bag #marcbymarcjacobs

All you need to pack for an island getaway is white, really. Nothing looks better against your tan and it's so easy to style. As for shoes, forget the high heels and leave your Louboutin's at home as you will be walking pavements all day long. 2 pairs in nude/metallic is all you need to mix and match with any outfit. And know that you will end up buying some gorgeous pairs of gladiators on the road so leave room for the way back.


I got these rose gold gladiators from Mykonos 2 years back and I still get stopped and asked about the brand. On this trip, I made sure to find the place again and ended up with 2 new pairs!


   These were designed to be wrapped around the ankle but I tried lacing up and loved the barely there Gladiator look with the leaves detail. Gold again, to go with everything - but much lighter than my old pair from the same place (pictured above).


These were designed to be wrapped around the ankle but I tried lacing up and loved the barely there Gladiator look with the leaves detail. Gold again, to go with everything - but much lighter than my old pair from the same place (pictured above).


Mykonos, I love you. Till we meet again xxx 



Ready for some deep tanning? Let’s help choose your swimwear first!

With so many trends hitting the racks every summer, shopping for swimwear can be a hard chore. To make your life easier, we have listed some basic design styles to look for to help you land the style that flatters your figure the most. Oh and we got you covered all the way to your sunscreen!

Small bust with large bottom or wide hips


If you are heavier on the bottom and small on top, you can easily balance your proportions by going for a padded bra in a patterned design, such as an ethnic print in line with the seventies trend. The twist bandeau style is your best friend if you have a flat to small chest. As for colors, bright or light colors are your go to choice to make the area look visually larger- add embellishments, frills or ruffles on top and you’re almost full busted!

Halter styles will enhance a small bust, it's also big on the Seventies trend right now, which makes it an ideal buy. The old faithful triangle style is suited to almost everyone - showing off both what you do and don't have. 

Keep the bottom part quiet by going for a darker solid color with no accessories. Stay away from straps and any design detail that will draw attention to your bottom. A full cover bottom is not always an ideal choice as it may make you look bigger. Look for semi coverage on the back but don’t take all the way to Brazilian bottoms. 

Bigger on top and smaller at the bottom

If you are heavier on top, keep the bra simple and clean, by choosing one that fits you perfectly in a darker solid color. Look for structured styles with hidden bust support for maximum hold.

Choose a bikini bottom with a fun print in a bold color, add frills or fringes if you’re the fun type. Another option is to go for horizontal stripes on the bottom to balance your top part. If you have short legs, stay away from boy short styles and loud colors and designs on the bottom. Take the attention away from your largest part by directing the eye elsewhere. Heart shape necklines, wrap styles and diagonal designs and prints will help to create softer lines around the bust and break up the volume a bit making you look slimmer all over.

#toastwoman #jets #laperla 

#toastwoman #jets #laperla 

Show off your curves in a Fifties silhouette - high-waisted bottoms and a retro bikini top will fit the bill perfectly. A high-waist will also help to hide any insecurities you may have with your stomach. 


#soutbeach #jets #plumerias #beach #coverup

#soutbeach #jets #plumerias #beach #coverup

Next, think of the cover-up style that you would like to go for. You can choose from the vast kimono trend to see through tunics. Get one in a neutral color if your swimsuit is already loud or a statement color and design if your swimsuit is basic.

Some accessories add an individual style, but don’t over clutter. Your sunglasses should do the work, an anklet or a dainty necklace if you want to but nothing more. 

Your flip-flops or sandals should coordinate with the style you’re wearing as well. Keep it sweet and simple for the beach. Nude colors will elongate your legs. Platforms may work if they’re not too high. High heels will not, they only look funny and out of place – like in an X-rated movie.




Beach Makeup is not an option as even waterproof will eventually smudge and go greasy. A lip stain can do. Believe it or not, men are not attracted to a contoured made up look by the pool. That goes for any glitter or shimmer on your body as well. Protect your hair with UV hair oils and a stylish hat. Wetting it before hitting the pool or the sea will save it from extra damage, as the strands will absorb less chlorine or salt when wet.

Last, your sunscreen should be your base, as you should never step out of the house without wearing it first and reapplying after swimming or showering. Try a tinted option matching your skin color if you are big on coverage, it works better than chalk white too. Finally, carry yourself in confidence -life is a beach, own it!


BREAST CANCER. But first, let's take a selfie!

breast cancer
breast cancer

What is breast cancer doing on a style and fashion blog page at 4:00 am? Well, it just got me out of bed, as I needed to get the words out of my head and put them on e-paper, in hope that I will get some sleep afterwards. I have been away from my blog for some time as I was busy carrying and having my baby and I didn’t really get the urge to come back and write until now.

Why now? Cancer is certainly not a fashionable topic. On the contrary, it’s kind of a taboo that we think would go away if we don’t talk/learn about it. Actually I’ve been meaning to write a post on the madness of fashion weeks going on now and give you the low down of what’s hot but I still didn’t get to that. I will share the latest trends soon - that can wait. I think this is more important and trending in my head right now.

So I was invited today to a very fashionable afternoon tea organised by Hia magazine and Estee Lauder in support of the breast cancer awareness campaign. As I listened to the speaker share her experience and story, I suddenly felt so small. You know that feeling that hits you when you step out of your body for seconds and look around you wondering what am I doing in my life? As in the bigger picture? Ok, maybe you don’t – but I can tell you it’s a feeling that drives you out of bed to write about it. As I listened to her talk about the increasing rate of breast cancer in the region, the lower age group of the women being hit by it (20s to start with) and the lack of funds/action to support medical research, I also noticed many guests taking selfies and religiously repeating that angled strike to land the best pose/pout worthy of sharing with the world (that’s another topic to be discussed in a one off post – we are all guilty of #selfies). So it made me think. What exactly is going on with us humans? When did we become mere spectators interested in nothing/no one but us? Maybe we don’t really give the cancer topic much attention because it didn’t happen to us…yet. We surely sympathise with it, but as long as it’s a story – life goes on in selfie mode. I think they call it selfie for a reason. It’s all about one’s self. You don’t even stop to ask someone to take a pic of you – you do it yourself because you need to document to the world/or yourself that in that specific moment you were somewhere doing something wearing some brand. Ok I said selfies will get another post – so let’s get back to cancer here. I come back home to hear that a friend of a friend just passed away from cancer. So it hit me, how much I personally hate that disease that has no available explanation or cure till this date.

Then I wondered how would it feel like if you were the cancer patient or survivor? Would you still be taking selfies? I think you should (happy selfies that is). Because life should not stop. On the contrary, I’ve heard many stories of how people took over, transformed their lifestyles and really started living only when they knew they had cancer. It’s like being told you have an expiry date – being ordered to wake up and stop wasting your days by repeating the same empty cycle and start living. One of the latest and most touching stories being that of Sara El Khatib – who has sadly passed away recently only after showing the world what a brave and free soul she is.

I would like to hear some day soon that there is a cure. But for now, I would like to do something small myself to make someone else feel great about themselves. You know that awkward moment when you’re having a bad hair day and so you miss out on important events? Well, how about having a no hair day? I believe cancer takes a major toll on one’s self image and I would like to do my best to make that person feel beautiful again.

So if you know someone who knows someone who is a cancer survivor, please let them get in touch with me. And if you are a hairdresser/makeup artist or in the business of making other people feel great then I’d love to have your help organising this makeover and making it happen ( by the way, I already discreetly tagged you on instagram :)

I do hope that this can make a difference, no matter how small. And I’d love to think that we can make a positive campaign out of this. That’s all I could think of right now. And if you can spare a moment to learn more about breast cancer and how to detect it early then please visit the page BCAcampaign.com and help spread the word by tagging #BCAstrength

In the end, one day it could be me, you or your loved one.