The complete guide to SK advanced set of brushes by Samer Khouzami

SK brushes


I've been meaning to write this post for a long time now, as I was struggling to figure out which brush does what when I first received the advanced set of SK brushes by Samer Khouzami. It does get overwhelming with 24 of them elegantly staring back at you in different shapes and sizes - and you definitely would want to know that you are using the right one for each application! So here you go - the complete guide of who's who in the world of SK brushes, reviewed by number and approved by the artist himself - Samer Khouzami :) 

But first I would like to say that I absolutely love the elegant design and most importantly the perfect flawless finish they deliver - something we all look for in quality brushes but rarely experience so well!


No. 11 - For concealer application and blending under eyes

No. 14 & 15 - For blending eye shadow

No. 29 - For applying eye shadow

No. 17 - For eye shadow dabbing or concealer

No. 21 - For inner lid eye shadow and under eyes eye shadow blending

No. 19 - For blending gel eyeliner smoke out

No. 24 - For eyeliner application

No. 20 - Angled eyeliner brush, can be used for eyebrow too

No. 18 - Concealer brush can be used for highlighter too

No. 39 - For cleaning under eyes eye shadow + highlighter



No. 37 - For blending cream contour brush

No. 33 & 34 - Buffing brushes to apply foundation and blend it

No. 12-  For creamy blusher blending

No. 13- For powder blush application and blending

No. 10 - For contour blending

No. 31 & 32- For pressed powder or loose powder

No. 38 - Classic foundation brush to apply base and primer

No. 35 & 36 - Foundation brush

No. 14 - To apply contour on nose

No. 22 - Lip brush

Happy blending everyone, please do share with me your experience with the brushes if you tried them yourself!