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Ready for some deep tanning? Let’s help choose your swimwear first!

With so many trends hitting the racks every summer, shopping for swimwear can be a hard chore. To make your life easier, we have listed some basic design styles to look for to help you land the style that flatters your figure the most. Oh and we got you covered all the way to your sunscreen!

Small bust with large bottom or wide hips


If you are heavier on the bottom and small on top, you can easily balance your proportions by going for a padded bra in a patterned design, such as an ethnic print in line with the seventies trend. The twist bandeau style is your best friend if you have a flat to small chest. As for colors, bright or light colors are your go to choice to make the area look visually larger- add embellishments, frills or ruffles on top and you’re almost full busted!

Halter styles will enhance a small bust, it's also big on the Seventies trend right now, which makes it an ideal buy. The old faithful triangle style is suited to almost everyone - showing off both what you do and don't have. 

Keep the bottom part quiet by going for a darker solid color with no accessories. Stay away from straps and any design detail that will draw attention to your bottom. A full cover bottom is not always an ideal choice as it may make you look bigger. Look for semi coverage on the back but don’t take all the way to Brazilian bottoms. 

Bigger on top and smaller at the bottom

If you are heavier on top, keep the bra simple and clean, by choosing one that fits you perfectly in a darker solid color. Look for structured styles with hidden bust support for maximum hold.

Choose a bikini bottom with a fun print in a bold color, add frills or fringes if you’re the fun type. Another option is to go for horizontal stripes on the bottom to balance your top part. If you have short legs, stay away from boy short styles and loud colors and designs on the bottom. Take the attention away from your largest part by directing the eye elsewhere. Heart shape necklines, wrap styles and diagonal designs and prints will help to create softer lines around the bust and break up the volume a bit making you look slimmer all over.

#toastwoman #jets #laperla 

#toastwoman #jets #laperla 

Show off your curves in a Fifties silhouette - high-waisted bottoms and a retro bikini top will fit the bill perfectly. A high-waist will also help to hide any insecurities you may have with your stomach. 


#soutbeach #jets #plumerias #beach #coverup

#soutbeach #jets #plumerias #beach #coverup

Next, think of the cover-up style that you would like to go for. You can choose from the vast kimono trend to see through tunics. Get one in a neutral color if your swimsuit is already loud or a statement color and design if your swimsuit is basic.

Some accessories add an individual style, but don’t over clutter. Your sunglasses should do the work, an anklet or a dainty necklace if you want to but nothing more. 

Your flip-flops or sandals should coordinate with the style you’re wearing as well. Keep it sweet and simple for the beach. Nude colors will elongate your legs. Platforms may work if they’re not too high. High heels will not, they only look funny and out of place – like in an X-rated movie.




Beach Makeup is not an option as even waterproof will eventually smudge and go greasy. A lip stain can do. Believe it or not, men are not attracted to a contoured made up look by the pool. That goes for any glitter or shimmer on your body as well. Protect your hair with UV hair oils and a stylish hat. Wetting it before hitting the pool or the sea will save it from extra damage, as the strands will absorb less chlorine or salt when wet.

Last, your sunscreen should be your base, as you should never step out of the house without wearing it first and reapplying after swimming or showering. Try a tinted option matching your skin color if you are big on coverage, it works better than chalk white too. Finally, carry yourself in confidence -life is a beach, own it!


How to create your fashion style mood board

Before meeting a new client, I always ask them to create a mood board of pictures that appeal to them. This includes generic places they'd like to visit, objects they'd like to have in their home, scents they love wearing; Looks they'd like to pull; Outfits they'd never be caught dead in and Looks they aspire to achieve only if "they were taller, slimmer, more confident, etc..." Here's some examples of their boards and how you can do the same to inspire you to discover your personal style and work on achieving it. Let the fun begin and determine if your unique style is classical, elegant, dramatic (edgy), feminine, alluring, natural (effortless, sporty) or creative (boho chic). Remember you can experiment with and always refine your style - just get some insight on how to do it and set your muse!

This client did a mix of styles but the most dominant was the creative and boho, where she picked many folklore and hippie inspired pieces, lots of prints, a mix of fabric and material from denim to leather, silk, fur and bling. You can notice the warm colors too, all of which show that she loves a unique expression of personality and is not following the crowd. After explaining what I saw and showing her ways to achieve that look with current trends and mix n match techniques, she looked at her board again and said that she is always caught in dull outfits and never thought she could dress that way although she always collects folklore items when traveling and this is really what represents her!

Here you can see a lot of movement in sports and yoga and outfits inspired from nature ( floral pints) - with colors that are mainly earthy tones. The words "leap, live, love, raw emotions" reflect her character and aspirations too. I can see that she is a person who is always in motion, open to life and new adventures and in touch with nature. I determined that she would fall in the "natural" and "feminine" style. Her outfits need to be relaxed and extremely practical and allow free movement while her style has to be feminine as not to turn into a tomboy figure.

Last, here we have a clear selection of clean, geometric lines. Very crisp and structured cuts. Bold and bright solid colors that make a statement. Stripes in full contrast. Large statement belts, handbags and arm cuffs and unique heels and shoe details. To me, she is obviously a dramatic style personality who wants to claim center stage. She will definitely sacrifice comfort for fashion.  You can achieve that look by investing in minimal style designs in neutral or monochrome  and team them with statement accessories in bold colors and size. To keep the look current, you can add pop colors from the latest trends. One statement piece of clothing is enough as your look has to be elegant and focused.

What style do you think you fall into?